用于直喷汽油发动机的喷射器,泵和油管的研发和参数检测,为全球化汽车供应商的欧洲研发中心而设计建造的检测台。此处它用于分别处理每个喷射器的流量测试,喷射器的泄漏测试,还有油管和燃油泵组合件的检测。检测台为在防爆范围1内的 运作而设计,能够使用Stoddard Solvent, N-Heptan 或者 普通燃料。

PRP-Pump Test Bench

This test bench has been designed to carry out the test series in pump injector combination.
The basically following test functions are available depending on the electrical control of the pump and the injector:

• Maximum flow
• Maximum pressure
• Flow rate and pressure at different operating points.

The test bench is a semi-automatic machine designed with manual loading and unloading and automatic test procedure.
The design of two identical fixtures in separate stations allow parallel loading and unloading, washing and blowing. The left station is the run-in station and the right station is the measuring station.

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