燃油泵检测台 特征描述






Endurance GDI Pump Test Bench

This endurance test bench with two separate stations has been designed for different kinds of high-pressure gasoline injection pumps.
The test fuel and lubrication oil supply is fully integrated in the test bench. Temperatures and tank levels are continuously monitored. After editing the testplan in “SonDaSys-Flex Testplan”, it is possible to choose each station separately, as well as to start, stop and interrupt
each station. During the test, pressure, rotation speed, torque, temperature and flow are monitored and recorded.
The successful test is finished after a defined testing time. If an error occurs during the test, only the specific station will shut down and detailed information (analog values and information text) are stored. Thus, trouble shooting and diagnostics are easy to perform. For this reason a free configurable ring buffer is implemented, which stores the last minutes.
This information can be visualized.

GDI Pump Test Bench

The machine offers a fully automatic testing of cam-driven highpressure fuel pumps.
The mechanic drive and the low- and highpressure proof circuit are simulated by the test bench. The test devices are automatically supplied to the machine by a conveyor system. Inside the test bench a gripper handling is used for the transport of the pumps. There is also a camera for detection of the serial numbers of the pumps. The test is carried out in the
measurement station.
The automatic contacting of the test device inside the machine takes place on an easy changeable workpiece carrier. The changeover to a different pump type happens by changing this pump-specific workpiece carrier. Hereby, a high flexibility of the test bench to different geometries of the low-and high-pressure connector and to the electrical contacting of the test device is assured.
The test parameters are adjusted through a data based flexible test plan system.The individual test steps can be positioned in any order and number and with different set point limits.
By means of the central database on a separate server PC it is possible to easily connect several test benches of the same type. All results are automatically stored and archived on the server.

GDI Pump Assembly / Testing Line