Helium Leakage Test of GDI Pumps

This machine is used for leak verification with helium gas of laser welded fuel pump units.
The work piece will be put into one of the 6 pump carriers of the rotary table (3 carriers for each pump type) and following automatically moved into the leak test station.
First, the pump unit will be identified by reading the data matrix code. After this, a gross leak test will be performed, in order to sort out early enough parts with obvious manufacturing faults. Following the helium leak test will be done. If this is finished and after turning the rotary table again, the tested part can be taken out of the machine by the operator. He puts it to the right place according the test status. The discard of a failed part is verified by the machine.
It is possible to run two mechanically different pump types. The change-over for this is done automatically after selecting it in the user software. It is not needed to do any mechanical modification for this.




Helium Leak Test Machine

The test bench is used for helium leak verification of laser welded metal bellows. It is also possible to compress and strain bellows for adjusting the correct length. Different bellow types can be tested/adjusted. The parameter change-over is simply done by selecting the type in the user software. 
Leak test station:
The work piece will be loaded manually into one of 4 fixtures (two double stations). First, a gross leak test will be performed in order to sort out parts with obvious manufacturing faults. Afterwards the helium leak test will be done.
Compression station:
Up to 4 bellows can be loaded manually into the station. The parts will be compressed and strained in order to achieve the final length. If necessary, this cycle can be repeated several times automatically by parameter setup.


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