Test Bench for Seat Leakage GDI

The test bench has been designed for measuring the leak rate of an injector seat, using the pressure decay method. The seats are part of GDI injectors.
The bench is realized as a fully automated machine. By means of a bowl feeder the parts are orientated and separated. A linear robot including vacuum grippers and a rotary table assembled with double nests (4x2) transport the parts to the leak measurement stations.
Two measurement stations are available. After the test of the parts the linear robot transports and offloads them into boxes. Each of the boxes provides free configurable limits for the leak rate (selective measurement).



此半自动检测台用于密封检测,比如低压喷射阀。检测原理基于压力下降原理。需要考虑到指定泄漏容量和相对简单测量的压力下降之间的比例。会使用一个来自ATEQ公司的泄漏探测器(Typ F520) 作为测量方式。为了测量,检测件手动地插入下面的底座上,然后借助一个精压机固定闭合检测环路。通过开启检测路径,通过泄漏探测器(喷油嘴的进气测和出气测)实现一个双向的压力(空气)进气。在预定检测时间大约5秒之后,会显示产生的压力下降值。通过与平均的压力下降基准范围对比,判断零件的合格与不合格。这个压力下降的基准临界值是通过测量产生的,这个测量使用一个标准件和配有泄漏校准器的模拟泄漏件。

Air Tip Leak Test Bench

This test bench is a manually loaded air tip leak test stand which measures the leakage of gasoline injectors. All performed actions are displayed on the touch screen.
The results are stored in an Oracle database and written into an HTML file.

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