HD Leak Test Rail

The machine is used for hydraulic leak testing of rails for diesel injection in combustion engines. There are two test stations available.
The loading and unloading is done manually, the test sequence automatically.
Two different rail types are checked. The mechanical changeover is easy to implement by exchange of pallets. The test is performed in alternation, so that loading and unloading are not significant. After the start of the test sequence, depending on the type, there is a pressure drop test of rails with air (check the sealing element of a valve).
After a positive test, the rail is hydraulically filled and flushed. Subsequently, the pressure increases up to 3000bar and after a defined measurement time, the gradient of the pressure drop is determined and evaluated. After the test, the rail is drained and blown out before the unload follows by the operator.

Hydraulic leak-proof test

The test is used to determine the tightness of common rail components.
It has two stations that are both designed for manual loading.
The leak tightness is determined visually or by a decrease in pressure. The DMC of the test is read manually with a built-in reader.






Liquid Leak Test

The manually loaded test bench has been designed for different injectors of the GDI and PFI sector. It offers high flexibility in testing injectors with different geometries due to a simple change of the injector fixtures and a simple changeover dialogue in the software.
A DMC reading station and a hand scanner are included in this configuration as well.
The fully automated control software allows easy handling and high flexibility. Results and current values are displayed on the main window to guarantee an easy overview of the process.

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