Nozzle Function Test Bench

The bench has been designed to determine the following characteristic values:

• Nozzle Opening Pressure (NOP) in dependence of the applied needle force and supplied constant flow
• Spray test of nozzle; determination of the amount of single jets
• Volume flow
• Volumetric determination of back leakage
• Optical determination of seat leakage

The needle force needed for the different tests is built-up hydraulically and monitored by a pressure sensor. Servo motoric driven high pressure pumps generate the constant flow for the tests. The pumps are located near the test heads.
The parts are loaded manually into a rotary table with sixfold division. This table handles the transport of the parts through the whole machine. At the last station, after all tests have been finished, the part is unloaded by a pick and place handling from the rotary table via a railing system.

Nozzle Function Test

This fully automatic machine can test injection nozzles regarding their flow and tightness.

This is done with following working steps:
• Reading and checking (with customer process data system) of the three part DMC’s
• Inserting the parts in the round table
• Purging / flushing
• Assembly
• Check of tightness (backleak and wet seat)
• Flow measurement
• Disassembly.

Faulty parts are split up into error classes and are discharged in pallets.


EDM Loader and Flow Test for Nozzle Bodies

The fully automatic flow test bench is loaded by a robot. There are drawers for 4 pallets (2 pallets for each EDM machine. 1 pallet for loading and 1 pallet for unloading).
The Sonplas machine is located between two EDM machines. The nozzles are automatically loaded from the pallets and positioned in front of the camera which checks the data matrix code. Thereafter, the blanks are loaded onto the respective EDM machine shuttle. The eroded nozzles are removed from the shuttles and are taken to the rotary table. If needed, the nozzles can be turned by a turning station.
The rotary table includes a blow out station and a measurement station. The measured nozzles are loaded back into the respective pallet for unloading. Reject parts are dropped into scrap boxes or two suspect rails. Production results are stored in a database. The test plans, in which the different parameters are stored, are also located in the database and can be edited by the user. All flow test results are being sent to the respective EDM machine for production quality optimization.

Opening Pressure Test Bench

The opening pressure test bench has been designed for the determination of the opening pressure. The operator inserts the nozzle manually in the lifter of the camera.
When the operator gets out of the inner side of the machine, it starts automatically and closes the protection door, reads the DMC code and the nozzle moves into the station where it is contacted and the measurement process starts. The needle force, which directly affects onto the needle, is generated by the media pressure built up by a servo-driven plunger pump and steplessly adjustable.
The required constant flow is generated by a second servo motor controlled pump which is mounted also next to the test head.