Diesel Injector Flow Test and Spray Test

Test of Diesel-Piezo-Injectors under variable test conditions. The injected mass quantity can be measured as well as the lower and side spray picture, wherein the characteristic angles and the shape of each single spray can be evaluated.
With the Windows-based user-interface for automatic, manual mode and process parameterization the usage of the bench is very easy and intuitive.

Injector Test Bench DI/Gas

The manual loaded test bench is used for precise measurement of Injection Systems.
Test conditions are very variable.
In the three stations it is possible to measure precisely the injection rate, rail pressure, rail
temperature and the injection mas shot to shot.

Injector Test Bench

The machine is equipped with two similar test stations. Each station evaluates a wide range of values that are characteristic for a diesel injector by use of a shot to shot measurement device.
The test sequence starts after the operator has inserted an injector into the text fixture. The selected testplan contains the test sequence as well as the targets and limits of each attribute. The sequence is defined by a number of single test points. The main difference between the single points are the system pressure and the injector opening time.
During each test point a various number of results (e.g. system pressure, injector rate, opening and closing time, backleak pressure and backleak flowrate) are collected, evaluated and stored in the database of the machine.
At the end of the cycle the machine evaluates all attributes and displays the result to the operator.

Flow Test Benches for combined Diesel-/Gas injectors

The test benches are designed to determine characteristic flow values and injection rates of combined Diesel/Gas injectors. There are two test benches, one for testing the diesel side, the other one for testing the gas side of the injector. The injector is loaded manually in an onload station which is protected by safety doors.
An automated part handling loads the injector into the test station. The parameterizable test starts after the hydraulic and electric clamping of the injector. After the test has been finished, the injector will be unloaded analogous to the loading of the injector..

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