Load Test Bench

This plant is used for the verification of high-pressure diesel pumps. The part to be tested is a high-pressure rail. A pressure control valve regulates the pressure.
The flow rate, oil leak rate, high pressure, VCV / PCV flow, inlet / outlet temperature, radial and axial force will be measured. The test process can be programmed by the customer.
It is a semi-automatic machine with automatic testing and manual loading and unloading. The plant has been designed for continuous operation. The test is carried out with V-Oil.

Test Bench for Diesel Pumps

This system has been designed for testing fuel high pressure pumps with diesel and its alternatives at different ambient- and fluid temperatures.
The test bench simulates the mechanical drive, supply- and high pressure circuits.
It measures the delivery flow capacity or the operating pressure dependent on supply pressure, rotation frequency of the pump, ambient- and fluid temperature, high pressure and the volume control valve (VCV).
The test bench has been designed for manual loading and unloading and automatic test sequence, programmable with NI Labview. Due to the comfortable user interface manual operations and measurements are possible as well.

Standalones Electric + Filling / Blowout

The standalone modules are designed to perform single processes during the final test of common-rail diesel pumps.
The standalone modules can work in a complete line together with more end-of-line test benches.
In this combination, the standalone modules can take over single processes like filling, electrical tests and blowout from the test benches.
Thereby, the complete line saves cycle time because the test benches need to perform less processes.

Diesel Pump EOL Test Bench