Test bench for sequential gearbox drives

This test bench performs the final testing of the Selespeed drive after completion of the assembly stage. The oil reservoir is filled, the system is vented and the drive is then run in for a preset time. The entire drive system is tested.
The test cycle includes the following:
All the electrical components are tested:
• The power absorption of the hydraulic pump is
• The system is checked for air locks by using pressure
• The pressure accumulator setpoint is tested.
• The geometry and dimensions of the gear selection and
   clutch cylinders are checked.
• The response times of the hydraulic cylinders are tested.
• The force gradient of the clutch cylinder is measured.
• The internal and external seal of the hydraulic system is
When the test has been completed successfully, the drive is returned to the home position and the oil reservoir is topped up to the specified level. The test system then prints out an adhesive label (with a progressive number) and a test report.This ensures full traceability 

Test bench for Selespeed gear units

Before delivering the Selespeed gear units a function control is necessary after assembly.
The test bench is designed to test single components of the gear unit by using different testing facilities.
The following measuring systems are provided:
• Clutch simulation for "Master/Slave"
• Torque simulation with measuring unit for "Innesto"
• Torque simulation with measuring unit for "Selezione"
All testing parameters can be reset on the computer by means of a process data editor.
The bar code printer and scanner serve for identification of the parts to be tested. A good tested part is marked by means of a needle embossing system.

Selespeed Test Bench

The sequential automatic gear unit allows to shift gears by means of buttons on the steering wheel without operating the clutch. The gears can be shifted automatically via the board computer similar to an usual automatic gear unit. The efficiency corresponds to the one of a conventional manual gear unit. The heart of this technology is the Selespeed drive. It consist of an oil container, a hydraulic pump, a valve block with pressure storage and two hydraulic cylinders, one for selecting the gears, the other for operating the clutch

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