Functional test bench for roll bars

An increasingly large number of car buyers chooses convertibles. This is shown by the latest production figures of roll bar protection systems of a leading automobile manufacturer. The components of roll bar systems require extensive testing in order to guarantee the safety of car passengers. The functional test bench featured here is used for the 100% testing of car roll bars. During the test cycle, the bench records the complete time-angle curve and also traces the trigger points of the limit switches mounted on the roll bar. Strain gauge sensors measure the positioning force of the roll bar and the release force of the two latch mountings. 

Roll-over bar function test bench

Double roll-over bars are inserted by hand in the test bench. First, the hole patterns of the rivet nuts are checked and the barcodes of the two actuators are scanned. Afterwards, the electric characteristic values of the two triggers are determined. When recompressing the roll-over bar, the force to unlock the latch, the height of the bar and the recompressing force are measured and evaluated. In the next step the bars are released one after another. By means of a load test the bar height with and without load is determined. Thus the locking of the latch is also tested. The same step is repeated in both directions after diagonal clamping. After successful testing a label is printed. Thus the bar can be clearly identified and allocated to the pertinent data set.

Assembly line for roll-over bar protection system