Calibration test bench

The test bench is used to check the calibration of volume flow sensors, amount measuring instruments and volume columns. On this occasion, the Test parts are compared to Coriolis-reference sensors and an automatic evaluation follows in different flow ranges. Moreover, the measuring results are automatically taken down in Excel. To cover the whole flow range, three Coriolis-reference sensors are used, which were switched on depending on the measuring point. The calibrating test bench distinguishes itself by its compact construction style, the huge flow range and the exact temperature regulation. Moreover, the test bench disposes of fixable tires for better transportation.

VCV Analysis Test Stand Diesel Pumps

The test bench has been designed for testing important characteristics of so-called VCVs (Volumetric Control Valves).
The VCV is a proportional valve and part of a high-pressure diesel pump. The volumetric measurement is done by two selectable Coriolis flow meters with a different maximum range.
In general, the following test functions are available:

  • Flow and pressure measurement in dependence of pressure and current.
  • Determination of flow/current hysteresis of the component.

The bench is realized as semi-automatic machine with manual on- and offload and automatic test run.

Test bench

The test bench serves for the final control of 5/2 directional valves. After pressing a capacitive start button the door closes and the valve is clamped firmly in position. This is followed by a turn-to-turn test with a testing voltage of 1000V. The position and colour of the Orings, support rings and filter elements are checked after successful testing. The part is lettered by means of a needle embosser if the optical inspection has also been successfully completed. After the test run, the protection door opens and the test part can be removed. In case of a scrap part the fault must be acknowledged to open the protection door and to run out the valve through a monitored tube.


Actuator Test Bench

This stand is designed to measure the dynamic and static flow of actuators. The necessary test cycle is decided by the Part-ID of the actuator. This ID is written on a barcode that will be read by a camera. Depending on this ID the bench carries out the setup automatically. In this way, it is possible to run completely mixed parts without any changeover. The actuators are loaded in a “bread-box”. With this system it is possible to exchange the actuator while the bench is measuring another actuator. Due to this, the time for changing the actuator has no influence on the cycle-time of the bench.


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