HE-Grinding Plant

The semi-automatic hydro erosive grinding module has been designed for flow calibration of high-pressure injection components to a defined target. The single station is thereby loaded manually by the operator.
During the grinding process an abrasive fluid is pumped
through the orifices of the work pieces in order to radius bore
hole intersections. The flow will be increased and stopped as soon as the flow has reached the correlated target flow value.
A moveable control panel with a comfortable user interface is installed. Running processes and results are displayed. The parameters can be easily adjusted in case of changing requirements.

Diesel Injector Flow Test and Spray Test

Test of Diesel-Piezo-Injectors under variable test conditions. The injected mass quantity can be measured as well as the lower and side spray picture, wherein the characteristic angles and the shape of each single spray can be evaluated.
With the Windows-based user-interface for automatic, manual mode and process parameterization the usage of the bench is very easy and intuitive.

Injector Test Bench DI/Gas

The manual loaded test bench is used for precise measurement of Injection Systems.
Test conditions are very variable.
In the three stations it is possible to measure precisely the injection rate, rail pressure, rail