Nozzle Final Flow Test

The test rig is designed for the determination of the static flow of diesel injection nozzles including matched needles.
Fixed or variable needle lift is possible.


Nozzle Function Test Bench

The bench has been designed to determine the following characteristic values:

• Nozzle Opening Pressure (NOP) in dependence of the applied needle force and supplied constant flow
• Spray test of nozzle; determination of the amount of single jets
• Volume flow
• Volumetric determination of back leakage
• Optical determination of seat leakage

The needle force needed for the different tests is built-up hydraulically and monitored by a pressure sensor. Servo motoric driven high pressure pumps generate the constant flow for the tests. The pumps are located near the test heads.
The parts are loaded manually into a rotary table with sixfold division. This table handles the transport of the parts through the whole machine. At the last station, after all tests have been finished, the part is unloaded by a pick and place handling from the rotary table via a railing system.

Nozzle Function Test

This fully automatic machine can test injection nozzles regarding their flow and tightness.

This is done with following working steps:

• Reading and checking (with customer process data system) of the three part DMC’s
• Inserting the parts in the round table