Rail Assembly Line

The assembly and test plant exists of 6 processing station. The loading of the rails is done with an handling system. The tape system will feed then the roboter with rails which will be inserted in the identify station. There the rail gets an serial number. After that the RPS and PCV will be screwed to the rail. The next process is to test those sensor and valve and to make an pressure drop test. Next the rail will be washed and finally there is an optical inspection of the rail.

Common Rail Flow Test Bench

The bench measures the flow of automotive common rails at a controlled pressure, back pressure and temperature. Each borehole is tested step by step in both directions. A conclusion on the bore quality is possible by calculating the ratio of flow and reverse flow. The loading and unloading of the bench is carried out manually. The datamatrix code is read with a fix installed camera system. The results are sent to a customer specific database after finish of all selected steps in the test plan. The test bench has a quick exchangeable work piece carrier and is set up for rails up to four cylinders. With the calibration equipment (accessories kit) the calibration of the bench can be monitored. It measures the pressure, the temperature and the mass flow. Additionally, a balance is installed to observe the flow gravimetrically. This is done by directing the test fluid in a tank with a time controlled valve.

Jet Test Bench

The bench is used to measure so called