Compact LED-Spot with integrated electronics and mixable elementary colours red, green, blue,white.

Purpose of use

  • local machine lighting
  • Incident light for less advanced image processing jobs like data matrix code reading with subsequent status signalling
  • Status display of a mounting condition, test result or machine condition directly on the workpiece through a coloured light beam.

By that, the status can be recognized immediately without having to look at signal lamps or monitors.


  • 4 core LED with the colours red, green, blue and white
    The four LED can be controlled independently. This make the mixing of colours possible.
  • Colours mixable through external PWMcontrol
    By pulse width modulation from 0-100% various colours can be generated.In case of colour mixture, the diffuser disc, which is available as an accessory is advantageous.
  • Internal / external brightness control
    The brightness of the LED-spot can be controlled through an internal potentiometer and an external PWM input.
  • Integrated electronics with reverse – polarity- and overtemperature protection
    The LED spot can be operated without external electronics and can be connected directly to the control with an M12 cable. The reverse-polarity protection is also effective at the inputs for colour and brightness control.
    The overtemperature protection protects electronics and the LED chip.
  • Integrated clamping for Ø12mm mounting system
  • Ring for optical filters is available as accessory
    With the ring optical filters (diffusor, pol-filter) with a diameter of Ø44mm can be attached without tools in front of the lens.


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