Liquid Leak Test

Fuel injector quality is a decisive factor in the efficiency of motor vehicle engines. Sonplas has considerable experience in the design and construction of test benches for the leak testing of fuel injection valves.

The manually loaded test bench has been designed for different gasoline injectors. It offers high flexibility in testing injectors with different geometries due to a simple change of the injector fixtures and a single changeover dialogue in the software. The fully automated control software allows easy handling and high flexibility. Results and current values are displayed in the main window to guarantee an easy overview of the process.


Dry Calibration and Test of Gasoline Injectors

The automatic production line calibrates and tests PFI injectors.
A robot loads the injectors from pallets and puts them onto pucks at a conveyor system.
This conveyor connects all substations at the line.
The first substation at the conveyor is a code reading station where the part is identified.
After that, the parts are moved to the rotary table where the test substations are located.
Before the part arrives at the final dressing stations at the conveyor it can be transferred to the hydraulic audit cell. Within the audit cell the part is supplied with test fuel and tested in static and dynamic mode again.
These results are used as reference values to align the dry process to the wet conditions.
Before the robot finally offloads the injector the lower O-ring is mounted and the electrical pins of the terminal are checked by a camera.


GDI High Pressure Pump Performance Test Bench