System Test Bench

This system has been designed for testing fuel injection systems (high pressure pump, rail with injectors) at different ambient- and fluid temperatures. The test bench simulates the mechanical drive, supply- and return circuits. It measures supply flow, pump torque, flow capacity and operating pressure of the injection system depending upon supply pressure, rotation frequency of the pump, ambient- and fluid temperature and injection times. The test bench is designed for semi-automatic operation with manual loading, unloading and automatic test sequence, predefined by flexible test plan. Manual operations and measurements are possible as well.

PRP-Pump Test Bench

This test bench has been designed to carry out the test series in pump injector combination.
The basically following test functions are available depending on the electrical control of the pump and the injector:

• Maximum flow
• Maximum pressure
• Flow rate and pressure at different operating points.

The test bench is a semi-automatic machine designed with manual loading and unloading and automatic test procedure.
The design of two identical fixtures in separate stations allow parallel loading and unloading, washing and blowing. The left station is the run-in station and the right station is the measuring station.

Test station for high pressure gasoline injection systems

This test station has been designed and built for the European research and development centre of a leading international supplier of the automotive industry. The station consists of a series of test benches mounted alongside each other. Injectors, fuel pumps and fuel rails of direct injection petrol engines can be tested. The station consists of an injector flow test bench, an injector seal test bench and a combined fuel rail and fuel pump test bench. The test benches have been designed for use in zones for class 1 regarding explosion risk and can be fed with Stoddard solvent, N-Heptane or standard fuel. 

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