Test Bench for Seat Leakage GDI

The test bench has been designed for measuring the leak rate of an injector seat, using the pressure decay method. The seats are part of GDI injectors.
The bench is realized as a fully automated machine. By means of a bowl feeder the parts are orientated and separated. A linear robot including vacuum grippers and a rotary table assembled with double nests (4x2) transport the parts to the leak measurement stations.
Two measurement stations are available. After the test of the parts the linear robot transports and offloads them into boxes. Each of the boxes provides free configurable limits for the leak rate (selective measurement).

Device for air leak test

This semiautomatic test device is designed to be used for leak measurements as it is shown here at low pressure injectors for example. The applied principle of measurement is based on the pressure decay method. This principle refers to the proportionality between the leak volume to be proved and the pressure decay to be measured easily respectively. The test stand is equipped with a leak detector of the ATEQ Company  (type F520). For the measurement the product to be tested is inserted (manually) in the lower seat. Following the test circuit is closed tightly by means of a toggle press. By starting the test sequence the system is pressurized double-sided by the leak detector (inlet and outlet side of the injector). After expiration of the predefined testing time, approx. 5 sec, the value of the occurred pressure drop is displayed. By comparison with the once ascertained referential limit of pressure drop the product is classified as a good or bad part. This referential value can be obtained by performing a measurement with a (leak less) master part and a simultaneously simulated leak with a leak calibrator.