Hydraulic Valve Test Bench

The test bench is designed for flow measurements on 3/2-port hydraulic valves with a pressure up to 30 bar. A mineral oil is used as test fluid. The semi-automatic test bench has two equal working stations. The operator inserts the part into the holding fixture and starts the test cycle with the start button. Now the work piece is fixed by a pneumatic cylinder and a cap closes the testing chamber. An electrical connection is established for driving the hydraulic valve.
Testing sequence:
-Flow measurement from port A to T with constant supply
 pressure and non triggered valve
-Flow measurement from port P to A with constant supply
 pressure and triggered valve
-Leakage flow measurement from port P to A with
 constant supply pressure and non triggered valve
-Leakage flow measurement from port A to T with
  constant supply pressure and triggered valve
-Step response of pressure at port A on a voltage pulse
At the end of the test sequence the testing chamber is opened. A part which stands the test is labeled by a pneumaticmechanical marker unit. Has a part failed the test, the protection door remains closed until the operator confirms the failure by pressing the respective button. 

Calibration and test line for pressure relief valves

This system is designed for the calibration of pressure relief valves with subsequent leak test.
All test and calibration parameters can be set by means of a process data editor on the PC.
Sequence in automatic mode:
• The nominal flow rate is pre-adjusted by a speed-controlled pump.
• Adjustment to nominal pressure (opening and closing of the valve) by a stepper motor.
• Adjustment of leakage pressure by I/P converter and measurement of the pressure and leak flow. 

Hydraulic Test Bench