The machine calibrates pressure sensors.

The sensors are supplied to the machine via a belt system on customer workpiece carriers. A linear axis picks up the components and puts them into a buffer. Here, they are picked up by a portal handling and are handed over to the room temperature chain conveyor.

This conveyor carries the components to the calibration station. The calibration station process flow is controlled by a customer test equipment. Sonplas provides a high-pressure air accuracy and stability during the calibration process.

After the room temperature calibration the portal handling sets the sensors on the chain conveyor on the oven side. Inside the oven there are temperature zones each with another calibration station whose process flow is also controlled by the customer test equipment.

After temperature calibration the sensors can cool down in the chain conveyor before they are picked up by the portal handling, which puts the parts into a buffer. The parts are picked up from the buffer by another linear axis which puts back the parts into the
customer General view workpiece carriers.

Assembly Machine ÜRSS

The machine is divided in pre- and main assembly. The pre-assembly is used for assembly and test of the drive unit. It consists of four handwork places with manual loading and
automatic test. The main assembly is also built as a handwork place with
manual loading and automatic test. Several mounting parts are assembled using a controlled
screwing device. The correct assembly of the mounting part is checked with different sensors.
During the automatic test the following characteristic values are

- Resistance of the pyrotechnical device
- Rollbar height in retracted and extended position
- Curve while moving out the rollbar
- Max. force while moving out the rollbar.

A unique identifiable label is printed with the label printer existing in the machine.

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