SonDaSys- Report

SonDaSys Report is an easy to use database tool to analyze and
report your test and production.
After an operation is performed all relevant result data is evaluated and
stored in the SonDaSys database and is now ready for analysis.
SonDaSys report provides a set of reports that covers all needs of production analysis. Following reports are included:
1. Single part report with full traceability capabilities including
- All scalar and string result values with set points and
- Result curves (e. g. a pressure pulsation chart).
2. Statistical analysis:
- Trend chart (displays a result over a time period)
- Distribution (displays the distribution of a result)
- X-Y correlation charts (displays correlation between
  two results
3. Production analysis:
- summary report overview (good / scrap charts)
- Fallout report (histogram over different scrap codes)
4. Misc:
- Data dump in native Microsoft Excel TM binary format
- Enumerate parts that match the selected filters

All reports may be performed using Timefilters and Filters like module, product, testplan, part error, code,…

SonDaSys Testplan

SonDaSys Testplan is a database tool to edit process control settings. Testplans contain all relevant set points and ranges, used in production and test conditions.
SonDaSys Testplan controls:
- Set points to be set to machines hard- or software
- Ranges necessary in the process control (e. g. range
  check of the pressure as start condition for flow
- Ranges for part‘s quality check (good / scrap ranges)
- Correction value database, correction values to be used
   to align different station‘s results, or to adjust the
   measurements to reference benches.