Our Company profile

The Sonplas GmbH was founded in 1993

We offer our customers services and products from the following area:

  • Automated assembly, production and testing equipment for development and production
  • Hydroerosive grinding plant
  • Customer-specific process development and sample parts production
  • Customers-specific electronics development

We perform the following work in these areas:

  • Consultation, planning and development
  • Development and construction (mechanic / electric)
  • Production
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Training
  • Service and spare parts supply

Our primary tasks are:

  • The delivery of state-of-the-art products and services
  • Consistent compliance with promised customer requirements
  • Responsible use of means to protect the environment
  • Correct order processing
  • Motivation of our employees
  • Support of information flow (internal as well as to our partners)
  • Implementation of ideas and requests of our customers and employees
  • Continuous improvement in quality, safety and environmental protection
  • The design of efficient processes and work equipment, increase of product quality and degree of maturity

What we want to achieve with this:

  • Impressed customers
  • Economic success for all participants
  • Permanent safeguarding of the existence of the company
  • Positive company image
  • Differentiation to competitors through innovations