battery cell production Folding demonstrator


Folding demonstrator

The demonstrator is used for fully automatic alignment, cutting, folding (180° and 90° in Z-orientation) and hot pressing of the pouch cell bag.
The pouch cells (dummy cells) are loaded by hand and moved to the respective stations (cell align / side cutter / 180° folding + press / 90° folding + press) without workpiece carrier. The finished formed pouch cells are again unloaded by hand.


  • Multi-stage rolling forming instead of single-stage folding processes:
    • Minimal stress on sealed seam and on pouch material
    • Very high dimensional stability -> taping not necessary
    • No lateral forces on the cell stack
    • Very small protrusions (1mm)
  • Patented folding process (rolling forming) allows folding closer to the sealing seam -> longer calendar service life of the pouch cell
  • Large-format cells can be used (up to 430 mm)
  • Transport without workpiece carrier (simple format adjustment, gentle on the product)


  • Alignment of the pouch cell
  • Punching the excess pouch foil
  • 180° forming and hot pressing
  • 90° forming and hot pressing