safety systems Assembly line solenoid valve

The fully automatic assembly line for solenoid valves assembles and tests NC3 / 3 valves for massage car seats. All components
are fed to the assembly stations via bowl and line feeders or blisters. In this case, a loading of the components is ensured without interrupting the processes. The assembly line for solenoid valves is divided into five modules. Each module is controlled by its own station PC with touch control panel. All data, results and parameters are stored and set on a higher-level server. The assembly processes include monitored force and distance insertion and pressing of the pins into the body, winding of the two coils, with subsequent WIG-welding of the wires and pins, pressing core and armature by means of servo press and force and distance supervised insertion of the ball and the O-ring. The testing processes on the assembly line for solenoid valves include the welding ball testing by means of camera, run in with opening and closing time measurement, flow measurement and leakage test of the valve and laser marking with subsequent DMC reading.

Montagelinie Magnetventil Assembly line solenoid valve

Montagelinie Magnetventil Assembly line solenoid valve



  • all usual fuel types and mixtures possible
  • uncontrolled DC pumps, controlled DC pumps and controlled EC pumps can be driven
  • wide test temperature range
  • high temperature gradient
  • wide range of internal tank pressure
  • high precision power analyzer
  • All results are stored under the serial number in the SonplasDatabaseSystem (SonDaSys) database
  • Parameterization of the system via the SonDaSys
  • Creating reports with SonDaSys Report application Quality report (results trends graphically displayed)
    · Production reports (part failure analysis)
    · Downtime analysis (machine error listing or diagram)

technical data

  • Force and distance monitoring: BursterDigiforce
  • Flow Measurement: 0 bis 100 NL/min
  • Flowmeter Furness: FCO 752
  • Leakage measurement: 0 bis 10 ml/min
  • Leakage meter: Furness FCO 750
  • Resistance meter: Sourcetronic ST2516
  • Servo press: Promess UFM
  • Camera systems: Cognex Insight
  • Cycle time: < 8s