battery cell production Laser cutting of electrodes (Separating / Notching)


Laser cutting (Laser notching) of electrode material is one of the most important processes of battery cell production, which has direct impact on the quality and lifespan of the battery cell. With the innovative laser process from Sonplas, particles are eliminated and you can achieve an optimized quality of the cutting edge at high processing speed. The modular concept enables the use of both a roll-to-roll process, in which the edges (tab and bottom side) of the electrode material are laser processed as well as a roll-to-sheet process (separation) in which the individual electrodes are cut out from the roll material and put into magazines.


We invite you to do test runs and sample production with your material on our flexible demonstrator in our laboratory at any time. Please contact us.

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  • Working range of 700mm x 700mm (and bigger) allows the flexible use for large cell sizes
  • Laser cutting speed of above 1m/sec depending on the material possible
  • Optimised laser cutting edge and elimination of particles for best quality and lifespan of the battery cell
  • Flexible options for use:
    • Roll-to-roll (Notching)
    • Roll-to-sheet (Separation) with placing in magazines or combining with downstream processes


  • Roll-to-roll (defined tape tensioning, winding quality)
  • Laser cutting with laser configuration depending on the electrode material
  • Vision inspection