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Layout Cell Loading

Layout Cell Loading

The cell loading is located between the process sections Inspection and Box Packing. The pouch cells are traded from the previous Inspection Line from two independent parallel line sections into the central cell loading unit. There the pouch cells are finally inspected and placed in trays.



  • Large series-proven technology, patent-protected
  • Optimized processes for large format cells:
    Material-friendly handling processes (vacuum)
  • Checks before and after placing the cells in the tray (Cell Case Check + Stack Verifier)
  • Direct connection to previous process steps
  • Simple format adjustment regarding cell and tray type
  • Cross-line traceability through Sonplas Server


  • Cleaning of the trays
  • Sensor checks
  • Camera-based documentation
  • NOK outputs sorted by defect classes
  • Unstacking the empty trays
  • OK parts output into stacked trays
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