E-Powertrain Assembly line for rotor – Asynchronous motor


The line is used for the fully automated assembly of rotors for electrical asynchronous motors, such as those used in the automotive industry.

The individual components are supplied to the assembly line in plastic containers on ½ Euro pallets  or smaller boxes on roller and chain conveyors. A robot unloads the components from the containers and places them in the relevant stations for processing. For unambiguous traceability the parts or the part batch number will be scanned or marked. Finally the assembled rotor is unloaded into a customized plastic container or  into the next process section.

Assembly line rotor

Assembly line rotor


  • Fully automated processing
  • Quickly interchangeable equipment for model conversion
  • Easy operation using a touchscreen and hand-held terminal
  • Graphical display of all current measurement values and test results
  • Automatic test system monitoring by means of cyclical feeding of master parts
  • Saving of all test specifications and results, as well as production data in a server-based database for conducting comprehensive evaluations