fuel injection technology Pump Test Stand


This system has been designed for testing of diesel high pressure common rail pumps for truck engines. The test bench simulates the mechanical drive, low and high pressure circuit as well as the lubrication circuit. It measures the delivered flow capacity on two operation points and the pump behaviour during the engine cranking phase.
The low pressure interface of the pump has to be connected to a flexible pump carrier. With this carrier the pump will be loaded to the test bench. All following procedures will be performed fully automated.


  • Individual test procedures with flexible testplan software
  • Comfortable user software in Windows 7
  • Graphical display of current test plans
  • Signal acquisition with 100 Hz and display
  • Operation via touch screen
  • Water-cooled servo motor with high accurate rotation speed regulation
  • High-pressure rail simulation with fixed orifices and two PCVs
  • Quick connectors for fast loading and unloading at the pump carrier

Technical data  

  • Rotation frequency: max. 4500 rpm
  • Torque: max. 250 Nm
  • Acceleration: max. 105 rad/s²
  • Supply pressure: 9….13 bar
  • Temperature of test oil: 40°C ± 2.2°C
  • Temperature of lubrication oil: 40°C ± 5.5°C
  • High pressure: max. 3500 bar
  • Flow rate: max. 5000 ml/min