fuel injection technology Dry Calibration and Test GDI Injector

The Dry Calibration and Test GDI Injector bench  for low pressure gasoline injectors in dry condition.
The obtained data and results are used for high-volume production process development.
In order to obtain detailed data sets, several measurement systems are combined with rapid data acquisition. The recorded parameters and results are evaluated using the data analysis tool MATLAB.
The separation of data recording and analysis in the  “Dry Calibration“ of Gasoline Injectors Test Bench allows post processing of data with different settings and algorithms at any time.


Data recording with up to 1MS/s
Sequence control via LabView interface

Signal recording of:

  • Injector voltage
  • Injector current
  • Acceleration sensor
  • Position and speed signal of laser vibrometer

Analysis of measured data with MATLAB
Dynamic and static flow measurement with air or N2
Servo-driven adjusting device with force and stroke monitoring
Flexible setup for low-pressure fuel injectors

Technical data  

  • Pressure range: 0.1 – 6 bar
  • Flow range: < 1 g/s
  • Cycle duration: > 20 ms
  • Max. adjustment force: < 1kN
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