hydroerosive grinding HE-grinding machine & loader valve seat GDI


The fully automated HE-grinding machine & loader valve seat GDI is used for the flow calibration of fuel injection components. Based on a round table concept the workpieces pass through the individual processes. At the HE-grinding process an abrasive fluid is pumped under high pressure through the workpiece holes to round them. The flow increases, depending on the application, from 10% to 35%.The grinding process is stopped as soon as the correlated target flow has been reached.

  • DMC station
    The robot takes the component above the camera to read the
    data matrix code of the component (serial number).
  • Loading round table
    Transfer point from robot to round table an vice versa.
  • Pre-measuring station
    Here, the flow quality of the preliminary process is checked
    (within the specified flow tolerance).
  • Grinding station 1
    Rounding process of the component (can be used for pre-
    grinding but also for final grinding).
  • Washing station 1
    Cleaning process after grinding.
  • Grinding station 2
    Rounding process used as final grinding to the target flow.
  • Washing station 2
    Cleaning process after grinding.
  • Measuring station 2
    Verification of the flow quality after grinding (within the specified
    flow tolerance)
  • Blow out station
    Drying process (free part from oil residues)


  • Quick changeable workpiece carriers
  • Individually activated process steps
  • Linking of the result files with the workpiece DMC
  • Modular design of the stations
  • Place saving concept of the rotary table
  • With a process capability of Cpk ≥ 1.67 the flow tolerances are reduced to ± 2% after the HE-process.
  • Grinding with different media (2 separate grinding stations)
  • Grinding and measuring with backpressure is possible.
  • Cycle time reduction is possible by means of a second grinding station.
  • Easy data handling access via a local database (target values, results, etc.).
  • Illustrative visualization of running processes and outcomes
  • Control panel with touchscreen display and convenient user interface
  • 15x masterpiece tray
  • Part input via bulk

Technical data  

  • Cycle time grinding process: depending on the degree of rounding
  • Grinding pre-pressure: max. 110 bar
  • Grinding back-pressure: max. 60 bar
  • Washing pressure: max. 10 bar
  • Measuring pre-pressure: max. 140 bar
  • Measuring back-pressure: max. 60 bar
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