IAV Cross

by Sonplas

The IAV Cross – Injection Analyzer is the powerful system for hydraulic measurement of injection valves. It is used when differentiated and detailed analyses of injection processes are required – for conventional as well as alternative fuels and now also for hydrogen.

Hydraulic measurement of injection valves IAV Cross for hydrogen

The system calculates the injection rate via the dynamic pressure increase in a fuel-filled measuring channel into which the nozzle injects directly. The IAV Cross thus differs from comparable devices by the chosen measuring principle. Time delays caused by moving components in the measuring system are eliminated.


The biggest advantage of the IAV Cross is the ability to measure both injection rates and injection quantities simultaneously as individual events and to display the rate signal with maximum precision. Another advantage: since there are no moving parts, the measuring unit requires very little maintenance and the measuring results are exactly reproducible. In addition, the unit is insensitive to cold and heat, which means it can also be used in temperature chambers.

In addition to the hydraulic unit, the IAV Cross includes a separate electronic unit that records and processes the data and conditions the measuring technology. The unit is controlled via a powerful software package that is supplied with the unit and is characterised by convenient operation and clear display of all relevant information.

In addition to real-time display, it is also possible to analyse stored measurement data in detail and replay it (for presentations, for example). IAV Cross can also be linked to the user’s test stand software via a software interface. Integration into your development and testing environment is thus possible. Test the system during a live demonstration – please contact us via the contact form.

  • direct stroke-to-stroke measurement of the injection rates
  • direct stroke-to-stroke calculation of injection masses or volumes
  • Measurement of injection delay times
  • up to 14 partial injections per stroke
  • Measuring ranges: 0.3 to 30,000 mg/stroke
  • Highest measuring accuracy
  • widest operating temperature range
  • Freely parameterisable analogue inputs (option)
  • Measurement of smallest injection distances
    adjustable fuel back pressure: 5 – 180 bar
  • Suitable for diesel and gasoline fuels, alternative fuels and H2
  • Software interface for controlling the IAV Cross

Benefit from our many years of experience in the field of injection systems. What started over 25 years ago with conventional fuels such as diesel and gasoline, we continue today with hydrogen as a climate-neutral alternative. In addition to the IAV Cross by Sonplas, the Sonplas portfolio also includes testing equipment for all aspects of hydrogen injection.

Together with you, we will find a solution for your individual task in the measurement of injection valves and thus actively shape the future of tomorrow. Get in touch with us.


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