What defines Sonplas Values and mission statement

Since our company was founded in 1993, we have maintained a stable system of values that guide our thoughts and actions. The foundation for this was laid by the shareholders from the very beginning. With the retirement of our founders from daily business, we have taken the opportunity to further develop our mission statement. In this way we continue the legacy of our shareholders.

Our Vision

We aspire to be seen as the hidden champion in the special-purpose machine industry. In order to be able to act successfully and independently on the market, we pursue a healthy and sustainable, yet ambitious target growth.

The company mission statement forms the basis for our day-to-day thinking and actions. We base our decisions on it. Our core values – humanity, teamwork, reliability, trust and passion – are the moral compass for our cooperation within the company and with our customers. But how do these values manifest themselves in our working environment? What does it mean to be human, reliable or passionate in our day-to-day business?


Our interactions with each other as well as with our clients and suppliers, with our partners and the public are characterized by fairness, tolerance, equality, honesty, and respect. We strive to responsibly fulfill our social mission as members of society. In this regard, our decisions and actions are guided by a stable moral compass.


Through appreciative cooperation and a strong team spirit, we thrive and achieve our goals. We proactively support and help each other. The successes we achieve are celebrated as a team. We learn together from mistakes and use them as a basis for improvement.

Reliability and trust

You can rely on Sonplas. We stand by our promises. This applies to Sonplas as a whole in our trusting relations with our clients, employees and partners as well as individually in both internal and external cooperation.


We work passionately on our projects. Together, we lead them to success with innovative strength, persistence, and commitment, even in the face of difficulties.