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From planning to commissioning of the equipment: Sonplas has an in-house electronics laboratory for the development and use of custom electronic components in the machines. This is because only complete control over all development areas makes it possible to implement complex customer-specific requirements in the best possible way, even in detail.

The main competences of our electronics laboratory include:

  • Switch panel and layout design (Altium Designer)
    • FPGA-based programming (Altera/Intel Quartus Prime, HW description language: VHDL)
    • Controller-based programming (Eclipse, programming language: C)
    • Software driver development (LabWindows/CVI, NI LabView, NI TestStand)
    • Construction of prototypes and small series
    • Commissioning of external EMS service providers for the production of higher quantities
    • Testing, commissioning and repair
    • Execution of feasibility studies for the electrical control of customer components


Automation and process control is an increasingly important factor in industrial manufacturing. Sonplas covers a very large area of the production chain: from simple hand assembly, to high-speed solutions, to highly complex in-line and end-of-line testing. Sonplas machines have a high level of process integration and integrated measuring technology.

High-tech machines for high-tech products can only be operated and controlled with well-thought-out software and HMI solutions. This provides our customers with the basis for consistently high product quality, high output, and consequently low production costs.

Industry 4.0

Data is an important pillar of production in the Industry 4.0 era. All conceivable connections to MES systems or plant components of other machine manufacturers can be established seamlessly due to our open software architecture. Production with batch size 1 is no problem at all. All relevant production and quality data are constantly logged by our machines. This means we offer integrated data evaluation in real time, exactly where it is needed: at the machine. It is the basis for fast qualification of processes, continuous control, predictive machine maintenance or advanced machine diagnostics.

Sonplas stays with its customers from product development and series production to its products’ end of life. We offer high-quality software solutions ranging from simple PLC automation to database-supported high-level language applications. We also have expertise in MatLab, image processing, and NI production such as LabView and Teststand. Our decades of experience mean we can also support our customers with services in software and electronics.

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