battery cell production Pouch Cell – Box Packing Line


The Box Packing is the final process stage of the Pouch Cell Production. The pallets with the stacked trays are taken from the previous Cell Loading Unit and placed on the roller conveyor of the Box Packing line. There the pallets are fully automatically packed and prepared for shipping.

Layout Box Packing

Layout Box Packing Line


  • Large series-proven technology
  • Workless operation possible:
      • Schedule through MES
      • Fully automated packaging processes
  • Manual processes can be integrated, e.g. for special packaging
  • Cross-line traceability through Sonplas Server


  • Assembly covers (on the side and on top)
  • Film packaging (stretch film)
  • Belt Rolling
  • Weighing
  • Labelling
  • Stacking in boxes
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