battery cell production Pouch Cell – Folding Line

The Folding Line is located between the Forming and Inspection process sections.
The pouch cells are delivered in trays to the central loader, for example. The central loader loads two independent parallel line sections. There the pouch cells are transported from station to station by index feeders in a pilgrimage step.


  • Large series-proven technology, patent-protected
  • Optimized processes for large format cells:
      • Very tight shape tolerances
      • Material-friendly handling processes (without workpiece carrier)
  • Multi-stage rolling forming:
      • Gentle on the product: Minimal stress on seals and pouch films
      • Very high dimensional stability: Taping is not necessary
      • Very small projections (1 mm) can be realized
  • Simple format adjustment
  • Cross-line traceability through Sonplas Server


  • Align
  • Cutting the corners and edges
  • Multi-stage rolling folding (patented)
  • Thermal pressing
  • Testing of geometrical and electrical properties
  • NOK outputs sorted by defect classes
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