battery cell production Pouch Cell – Inspection Line


The Inspection Line is located between the Folding and Cell Loading process sections. The pouch cells are either delivered in trays to the central loader or traded directly from the previous Folding line to two independent parallel line sections (crossing of the lines is possible). There the pouch cells are transported from station to station by index feeders in a pilgrim step, which is gentle on the material.



  • Large series-proven technology
  • Optimized processes for large format cells:
      • Material-friendly handling processes without workpiece carriers
  • Thickness measurement under variable mechanical load
  • Customer-specific process integration
  • Direct connection to previous and subsequent process steps
  • Small Footprint
  • Simple format adjustment
  • Cross-line traceability through Sonplas Server


  • Align
  • Thickness measurement
  • OCV, IR and IV measurement
  • Cutting the tabs
  • Weighing
  • Barcode printing and grading
  • Optical tests
  • NOK outputs sorted by defect classes
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