hydroerosive grinding flushing machine rail


The flushing machine rail serves to partially dissolving the abrasive fluid. The side holes, as well as the deep hole of the rail, are purged with a recycled washing medium and a defined time from the outside and inside with different lance positions.
For operating the machine a moveable control panel with a comfortable user interface is installed. In addition, the current process data and results are displayed.
The machine can be manually loaded or by a Staeubli robot (6 axis).


  • Supply and reprocessing of the medium through laboratory filters
  • Redundant filter system of the supply
  • Finest filtration of the medium from 1 µm and 5 µm
  • Exact positioned lance flushing from inside
  • Inline particle measurement with up to 16 different particle sizes
  • Quick changeable workpiece fixtures for different types
  • Loading with a 6-axis Staeubli robot

Technical data  

  • Cycle time: app. 28 s
  • Purging pressure: 10 bar up to 100 bar