hydroerosive grinding HE-grinding machine control orifice DI (stationary concept)


The HE-grinding machine control orifice DI comprises four equal grinding stations. They are able to process parts with and without counter pressure. An operator is needed to load the stations. The serial number is entered by the installed code reader. After pressing the start button, the station is processing the part automatically and in the end a traffic light shows the part status.
The grinding media pumps are driven by a servomotor. Therefore, no hydraulic unit is needed. A GWK tempering unit controls the temperature of the grinding fluid between the supply pump and the station.


  • Grinding pumps are driven by servomotors.
  • Lower energy costs compared to using a hydraulic unit
  • Fast and precise pressure regulation
  • Flexible workpiece holder

Technical data  

  • Supply pressure: up to 140 bar
  • Counter pressure: up to 75 bar
  • Flow rate: 50 ml/min up to 500ml/min
  • Electrical supply data: 3 x 400 V / 38 A
  • Cooling water: 0,5 m³/h at 25°C GWK target value
  • Air consumption: 110 Nm³/h (depending on blow off time)
  • Cycle time: 45 s (depending on grinding time)