hydroerosive grinding HE-grinding machine high flow


The HE-grinding machine high flow enables the adjustment of the static flow of nozzle bores by means of a special fluid grinding method. For the grinding process four plunger pumps are available. The operation of the grinding station is possible with one plunger pump for low grinding flows, three plunger pumps for median flows or four plunger pumps for high flows.
After the grinding process the workpiece is cleaned in a flushing station. Additionally, a measuring station for the static flow through the nozzle bores is incorporated in the test bench.
By the use of adapters it is possible to process various workpieces. The process sequences at the work stations , which run independently from each other, can be adapted to the workpiece type.


  • Processing different nozzle types
  • Quick changeable workpiece carriers
  • Four plunger pump system (4×3 liters of volume)
  • Operation possible with one, three or four plunger pumps
  • Control panel with touch screen display and convenient user interface
  • Illustrative visualization of running processes and outcomes
  • Easy data handling via a local database (target values, results, etc.)

Technical data  

  • Grinding pressure: max. 120 bar
  • Flushing pressure: max. 25 bar
  • Testing pressure: max. 100 bar
  • Flow range: 3 l/min – 40 l/min