hydroerosive grinding HE-grinding machine & loader + EDM


The automatic HE-grinding machine & loader + EDM has been designed for flow calibration of diesel injection components to a defined target. Based on a rotary table concept the workpieces are processed in sequentially arranged stations of this module – pre-measurement, HE-grinding, blow-off, purging, measurement, blow-off.
During the grinding process an abrasive fluid is pumped through the orifices of the workpieces in order to radius bore hole intersections. The flow will be increased by
8 – 30 % depending on the process. The grinding process will be stopped as soon as the flow has reached the correlated target flow value.
The loading and unloading of the module is done by a 6-axis robot. For safe identification of the parts and for complete data traceability the dot code on the workpieces is read in the loader module. On the right side an EDM machine can be connected.
A moveable control panel with a comfortable user interface is installed. Running processes and results are displayed.
The parameters can be easily adjusted in case of changing requirements.


  • Quick changeable workpiece carriers
  • Separately selectable process steps
  • Modular design of the stations
  • Place saving concept of the rotary table
  • With a process capability of Cpk ≥ 1.33 the flow tolerances are reduced to ±1% after the HE-process.
  • Easy data handling access via a local database (target values, results, etc.)
  • Illustrative visualization of running processes and outcomes
  • Control panel with touch screen display and convenient user interface

Technical data  

  • Plunger pump with 1.3 Liter of volume
  • Cycle time grinding process: depending on the degree of rounding
  • Grinding pressure: max. 120 bar
  • Grinding flow: max. 1000 ml/min
  • Wash hydraulics: max. 150 bar
  • Measurement hydraulics: max. 140 bar