HE-grinding machine nozzle


This semi-automatic HE-grinding machine nozzle has been designed for radiussing the spray orifices of injection components to a defined target flow.
Based on a rotary dial concept the work pieces are processed in sequentially arranged stations of this module. After the HE-grinding, the workpiece passes purge and blow-off processes and is guided to the measurement station which is followed by the final blow-off process.
During the grinding process an abrasive fluid is pumped through the orifices of the workpiece with high pressure. The objective is to radius sharp edges and burrs by means of the HE-grinding method.
The grinding process is stopped as soon as the flow has reached the correlated target flow value.
The loading and unloading of the module is carried out manually by the operator.
A moveable control panel with a comfortable user interface is installed at the module. Running processes and results are displayed. The parameters can be easily adjusted in case of changing requirements.


  • Quick changeable nests
  • Stabilization of the injection characteristics by means of high-precision pre-aging during the HE-grinding process
  • Closed loop – process control
  • Separately selectable process steps
  • Modular design of the stations
  • Place saving concept of a rotary dial
  • Operation via touch screen
  • Automatic data storage

Technical data  

  • Air consumption: approx. 250 m³/h @ 6 bar
  • Cooling water consumption: approx. 3500 l/h
  • Cycle time: approx. 30 s
  • Grinding pressure: 10-140 bar
  • Grinding flow: 0 – 5000 ml/min