hydroerosive grinding HE-grinding machine rail


The HE-grinding machine rail is designed for deburring rail orifices.
Both directions are ground to a defined target flow.
During the grinding process an abrasive fluid is pumped through the orifices of the workpiece to radius the borehole intersections.
The grinding process is stopped for every hole separately as soon as the target flow has been reached.
For operating the machine a moveable control panel with a comfortable user interface is installed. In addition, the current process data and results are displayed.



  • Simultaneous grinding of all orifices
  • Quick changeable workpiece fixtures for different types
  • Process capability of Cpk > 1.67
  • Grinding flow or time controlled
  • Possibility to grind 3 to 6 cylinder rails with a max. length of 450 mm
  • Mechanical coupling of three plunger pumps for a higher flow

Technical data  

  • Grinding pressure: 30 bar up to 100 bar
  • Grinding flow: max. 4500 ml/min
  • 7 x 1,2 l plunger pumps (inletway)
  • 3 x 3 l plunger pumps (outletway)