Diary Innovation project Hydrogen test bench



Hydrogen plays an important role in clean mobility. Unlike fossil fuels unlike fossil fuels, no CO2 is released when green hydrogen is used for propulsion. Hydrogen can be used in a variety of ways, for example in the hydrogen combustion engine or in the fuel cell, stationary or mobile.

To promote the use of this climate-friendly energy carrier, Sonplas has developed its own hydrogen test center. With this test bench for testing hydrogen-carrying components with real fuel, we have been supporting customers in the development of the components since July 2022 and are thus jointly paving the way to a greener future.

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August, 2022:

Start of the testing phase lasting several months for the prototype of the IAV Cross H, developed in cooperation with IAV automotive engineering

July, 2022:

Commissioning of our hydrogen test center and first customer projects.

April, 2022:

Finishing installation of fire prevention and safety equipment.

February, 2022:

Our test bench is in the container. The technical and safety equipment is installed.

January, 2022:

The test containers have been delivered.

The technical and safety installation to ensure safe testing with hydrogen are installed by the Sonplas team.

December, 2021:

Commissioning of the hydrogen test bench.

October, 2021:

The next milestone for our “Hydrogen” innovation project has been reached.

The construction work for the test container has started.

September, 2021:

An insight into the progress of assembly work on our hydrogen test bench.

August, 2021:

Container for safe testing with H2


  • Technical ventilation with ATEX certificate: II / 3G/ T3 /IIC (5..7-times air change/h),
  • Additional ventilation in case of gas alarm (20..30-times air exchange/h)
  • Room temperature control (heating/cooling) with heat recovery
  • Nitrogen and hydrogen supply via battery
  • Conductive surfaces (ESD)
  • Separate supply container
  • Individually expandable

June 22, 2021:

Internal Atex concept meeting H2 test bench.

June 2021:

Start of procurement phase

May 2021:

Start of design phase

April 23, 2021:

Approval of H2 test bench by Sonplas CEO

April 2021:

Presentation of the project in the form of specifications and cost breakdowns

March 2021:

Completion of specifications, completion of technical feasibility study and cost calculation

January to March 2021:

Presentation of Sonplas H2 activities to existing and new customers.

January 2021:

Discussions for upgrading in-house ATEX room for H2 testing.

November 2020:

Collection of information for specification started

August 2020:

Birth of the idea of an H2 test bench for testing hydrogen-carrying components with real fuel.