aerospace Fuel component test stand


The fuel component test stand is used for hydraulic testing and measurement of customer-specific fuel
pumps under variable test and ambient conditions. Flow, Pressure and Leakage are measured. The tests
and measurements are carried out according to customer-specific specification documents.

Approved pump types: 9C206, 9C204, 11C9 Approved canister types: 9C205, 9C203, 11C8





  • Universal test circuit for flexible testing of different pump types
  • Variable settable platform for adaption of different DUTs
  • Preselection of all possible DUTs including CMM revisions through RFID-Tags on workpiece-carrier
  • Precise pressure and flow control
  • Leakage-measurement liquid and with air (DUT submerged and visual inspection of bubbles)

Technical data Performance Station  

  • Test pressure: 0-10 bar / 145 PSI
  • Flow range: 900 l/min / 237 gal/min
  • Test oil: MIL-C-7024 Typ II
  • Tank volume: 1800 l
  • Pressure control accuracy: +/- 0,5 PSI
  • Flow control accuracy: +/- 0,5 gal/min
  • Temperature range: 18-25 °C
  • Temperature regulation: +/- 0.5 K

Technical data Leakage Station  

  • Test pressure liquid: 0-25 bar / 362 PSI
  • Test pressure air: 0-4 bar / 58 PSI
  • Flow range: 0-11 cc/min
  • Test oil: MIL-C-7024 Typ II
  • Pressure control accuracy: +/- 0,1 PSI