E-Powertrain EOL rotor


On the autonomous fully automated EOL (function test) the geometrical characteristics,
electrical parameters and the polarity of the magnetic poles of rotors are tested. A wide range of rotor sizes can be tested by equipping the systems with different fixtures and changing over the systems. Usually the system is loaded by robot; manual loading with a lifting device for heavy rotors is also possible.


  • Short cycle times through parallelisation of measuring tasks and high acceleration rates
  • Conversion to 15 different rotor holders possible
  • Tactile measurement of run-out and diameter at freely selectable measuring points
  • Axial non-contact laser measuring system with very high resolution, and automatic positioning at any point from the central axis (required measuring spot approx. 1mm)
  • Hiding of interfering contours in the measuring range
  • Graphical evaluations with optimisation of the measurement values.
  • Fully automated calibration when using a measurement reference part
  • Integration of customer-specific evaluation algorithms
  • High-precision speeds through stable servo motor control
  • Low tension load due to wraparound belt with a large belt running surface

Technical data  

  • Voltage: 400 – 480 V / 50-60Hz
  • Compressed air: 6 bar
  • Acceleration drive: approx. 500 RPM/s
  • Rotor weight: approx. 45kg
  • Rotor length: approx. 500mm
  • Rotor diameter: approx. 250mm
  • Dimensions (L x W): approx. 2250mm x 1080mm