Electronics, Mechatronics & Hydraulics Assembly and Test Line Accumulator


The Assembly and Test Line Accumulator is designed to assembly and test so called accumulators. The line consists of several semiautomatic stations with manual loading and fully automated assembly / test sequence.

Assembly and test steps:

  • Pre-assembly of piston
  • Oiling of piston
  • Assembly of piston and housing together with nitrogen filling
  • High-pressure leakage test
  • Functional test / marking of accumulator
  • O-Ring assembly
  • External leakage test.

The Accumulator Assembly Test Line is built for assembly of two different types of accumulators.

Accumulator Montage- und Test-Linie

Accumulator Montage- und Test-Linie


  • 100% test of accumulators
  • Visual operator guidance
  • Windows based operator interface for automatic and manual mode
  • Central database-supported administration of test data
  • Traceability of single test steps and results with SonDaSys
  • Minor effort for type change over
  • Touchscreen HMI

Technical data  

  • Nominal voltage 400 V
  • Nitrogen pre-pressure max. 200 bar
  • Nitrogen filling pressure 30 bar
  • Pneumatic air leakage test 150 bar
  • Cycle time 120 s