Electronics, Mechatronics & Hydraulics Assembly and Test line oil pump


The Assembly and Test line oil pump assembles and tests oil pumps.
It is designed as a semi-automatic unit and consists of two separate modules.

The following work steps will be performed:

Assembly module:

  • Pressing-in of the pins into the pump body
  • Manual loading of the workpiece carriers with all components of the pump
  • Visual inspection of the components (presence, type identification, position, etc.)
  • Automatic assembly of the pump

Test module:

  • Pressing-in of the seal (manual mounting)
  • Visual inspection of the seal (manual mounting)
  • Automatic transport to the following stations
  • Air leak test
  • Run-in station
  • Test station
  • Marking station
  • OK/NOK output rail


  • Assembly and testing of two different pump types
  • Minimum retooling effort
  • User interface in Chinese language
  • Independent modules
  • Complete traceability of the test steps as well as the test results by SonDaSys
  • Separate media supply at all test stations
  • Central test data management

Technical data  

  • Test pressure: 0-100 bar
  • Flow rate: 0-2 l/min
  • Test medium: Gearbox oil
  • Length of cycle: 30 sec
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