Electronics, mechatronics & hydraulics Dynamic EOL test for electrical driven oil pumps


Hydraulic end-of-line testing of an electric oil pump for transmissions for cooling and oil pressure generation. The test bench is equipped with several stations to reduce the machine cycle to a minimum. The test specimens are automatically fed to the machine by a belt system. Within the test stand a gripper handling system transports the pumps. In the measuring station the test is performed. The fully automatic contacting of the test specimen within the stations takes place on an easily exchangeable workpiece carrier. The test specifications are made by a database-based, flexible test plan system. The individual test steps can be configured in any order and number, as well as with different parameter specifications to form a sequence plan. Due to the central database on a separate server PC the simple parallel connection of several test benches of the same type can be carried out. All results can be automatically stored and archived on the server.

ynamic EOL test for electrical driven oil pumps

Dynamic EOL test for electrical driven oil pumps

Dynamischer Prüfstand für elektrische Ölpumpen Dynamic EOL test for electrical driven oil pumps


  • Comfortable PC user interface
  • Variable current signal generation for controlling the test object
  • Database-based flexible test plan specification and storage of measurement results
  • Sonplas report tool for statistical analysis and export of measured values
  • Automatic logging and storage of all test parameters and measurement signals, which allows subsequent checking of the evaluation and results
  • Subsequent re-evaluation of all test data if required
  • Cycle time < 12sec

Technical Data  

  • Test medium:             Pentosin
  • Pressure supply: 1 – 20 bar
  • Flow measurement: 0,03 – 40.000ml/min
  • Test temperature: 40-100°C