New Projects Calibration Bench PRV Micro Hammer


The Calibration Bench PRV Micro Hammer stand has been developed for a highly precise opening pressure adjustment of the mechanical pressure relief valves in high-pressure pumps.
When adjusting the opening pressure many mechanical manufacturing tolerances play an important role by conventional methods and thus increase the scattering.
By the direct measurement of the opening pressure during the calibration process in combination with a very precise positioning manufacturing, tolerances are eliminated and an opening pressure setting with minimal tolerances is possible . The workpieces from Calibration Bench PRV Micro Hammer stand are manually inserted into the test device.

Fuel injection technology Calibration Bench PRV Micro Hammer

Calibration Bench PRV Micro Hammer


  • Highly precise adjustment of opening pressure
  • Hybrid technology : µHammering combined with wedge adjustment for precise positioning
  • Direct measurement of opening pressure to reduce manufacturing tolerances
  • Fast data acquisition for precise determination of opening pressure
  • Low cycle time
  • Double protection door and rotation unit
  • Can be used as measurement station for the opening pressure

Technical data  

  • N2 supply: max. 500 bar
  • Force sensor: 0..60 kN
  • El. supply: 400 V / 50 Hz
  • Air pressure: > 5,5 bar
  • Cycle time: < 10 sec

Piezo surge generator

  • Max. pulse amplitude: 40 kN
  • Max. feed per puls: 35 µm