fuel injection technology Diesel Injector Flow Test and Spray Test


Test of Diesel-Piezo-Injectors under variable test conditions. The injected mass quantity can be measured as well as the lower and side spray picture, wherein the characteristic angles and the shape of each single spray can be evaluated.
With the Windows-based user-interface for automatic, manual mode and process parameterization the usage of the bench is very easy and intuitive.


  • Precise high-pressure regulation for stable test fuel supply of injector
  • Precise counter pressure regulation
  • Massflow measurement by Coriolis sensor
  • Shot-to-shot measurement for determination of injection rate and injection timing
  • Nitrogen recycling in spray station
  • Side view of each single spray by deflector unit
  • Touchscreen HMI

Technical data  

  • Pressure regulation test oil: 100…3.000 bar
  • Counter pressure regulation in mass quantity system: 10…170 bar
  • Temperature test oil: – 25 to +80 °C
  • Test oil: ISO 4113